Back Pain Series Episode 1: Back Pain Stretches

This is episode 1 in a 4 part series talking about back pain and ways you can improve on it.

In this episode I am going to show you 4 stretches that you can do to improve your back pain.

While stretching can help you to manage your back pain, it is important to know that there are so many causes of back pain and treatments will always vary from individual to individual.

In my experience working with clients who suffer from back pain, often times they are extremely stiff and tight in various muscles groups i.e hips, hamstrings, lower back and chest. By stretching out these muscles, they have felt a great sense of relief and pressure off their back, which has reduced their pain. While stretching alone does not always solve the problem, it can certainly help!

Its worth a shot right!

So give these stretches a go but make sure you stop if any of them feel uncomfortable or cause you pain. You can always supplement it for one of the stretches that feel good.


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