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My name is Alex Richardson,

I am a Pilates instructor with a background in Nursing and personal training.

I know all too well the positive impact that exercise can have on a person’s physical and mental health so I have made it my purpose and passion to help people build strength & confidence through Pilates.

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From a young age, I knew I wanted to work in the health and fitness industry and help people. I just didn’t know how it would play out…

Here is my story so far…

I grew up working in my Dad’s fitness company and became a qualified PT at 17 years old. While working as a PT, I went to University and studied to be a Nurse. At that point, I had achieved my goal of being in both the health AND fitness industry. So, what next?

I began a career working as an anaesthetic nurse in the Operating Theatres. Meanwhile I furthered my fitness training by becoming a Pilates Instructor.

After years of working in a hospital as a Nurse, I realised that my impact was limited and aspects of the healthcare system were not in line with my values. I knew I could have more of an impact in health and wellness, so I stepped out of nursing full time, and decided to focus my energy on helping people in a different way.

Through Duo Pilates, I have been able to help people improve their quality of life through movement.

You are probably thinking, why ‘Duo?’ Well, Duo means 2; Pilates is about creating balance by stretching and strengthening the body.

At Duo Pilates, each class is programmed to include exercises that strengthen and tone the body paired with stretches that are designed to improve your mobility. The result being, a healthy, happy, balanced body.

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Whats next for Duo….

The Duo Pilates Camp Hill Studio is constantly evolving and I now have a team of amazing instructors by my side. The Duo brand has also expanded online with the launch of The Duo Pilates Method in July, 2018. The Duo Pilates Method is my way of sharing my passion and knowledge and using it to create an online E-book filled with all of my favourite Pilates exercises, programmed to deliver the best results.

I have dedicated the last 5 years as a Pilates Instructor to becoming the very best at what I do. Seeing the difference that Pilates has made in my client’s lives is something I am extremely proud of!

If you would like to come and try out some of our classes, we have an introductory offer designed for you to do just that. For 1 month you can come to as many classes as you like for for $79. To find more more, click here.

Hope to see you in the studio soon!

Alex :)

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‘How to Strengthen your Pelvic floor’

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Meet the Duo Pilates Team

These are the instructors who like me, are on a mission to help people improve their life through movement. 



I started practicing Pilates in 2015, as a way to supplement my training for other physical activity. My passion developed quickly and by the end of 2017 I had completed my own instructor certification to enrich my knowledge. My favourite part about being a Pilates instructor is seeing clients gain confidence in their movement, and develop a passion for Pilates themselves. For me, I don’t see having a certification as an end goal, I find passion through consistently growing, and developing my skill.



Pilates is truly for everyone - I love that it can be so simple, low impact and kind to the joints or it can be toe curling, glute firing, hamstring cramping and core burning hard! I am passionate about Pilates and always keen to share the benefits of this form of exercise with my clients! I also share Joseph Pilates’ philosophy of heath and love to encourage others to live similarly.



Just one session and I was addicted, I loved it so much I became an instructor and I have never looked back. To know I am helping someone feel good and improve their overall health is the most rewarding job. Duo Pilates has become a second family to me, I love coming to work and seeing everyone's beautiful faces.

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Alex xo
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