Stretch Pilates

(Low Intensity, suitable for beginners)

Reduce stress levels, calm the mind and improve blood flow by stretching out/releasing tight muscles & tension in your body.

Mat Pilates 

(Low - Medium Intensity, suitable for beginners)

Our signature class. Develop body awareness, address your posture and build strength & confidence in your body

Circuit Pilates

(High Intensity, suitable for intermediate & advanced)

For those wanting to push themselves a little bit more. Get your heart rate up and perform your favourite Mat Pilates exercises in a circuit format. Don’t be afraid to sweat!

Other Classes:

Mums & Bubs Pilates

For Mums with Bubs 0-12 months. This class is designed to help you rebuild your abdominal/pelvic floor strength, address your posture & stretch & strengthen your body post Bub! This class is held 2 x week on a Monday & Wednesday at 1045.

Foam Roll & Release

This class is only held 1 x week on a Friday afternoon at 530pm for those who want to take their stretching to another level! Foam rolling works on a deeper level by releasing muscle tissue. It will help relieve muscle tightness, promote better blood circulation, prevent injury, increase mobility, reduce cellulite and decrease stress.

Duo Pilates Timetable.png

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