+ I am not flexible at all! Am I going to be able to do the exercises?

Flexibility is just one component of Pilates and it absolutely does not matter how flexible you are. In fact - if you are extremely inflexible I highly recommend you do Pilates as there is a good chance that you have an issue with your mobility that we can improve!

+ I want to try Pilates but I’m nervous. Is there a beginner class that I should do?

Our class sizes are small (5-10 people) so we have the time to get around and modify certain exercises to suit each person. For this reason, we do not grade our classes as beginner, intermediate or advanced.

If you are completely new to Pilates, we encourage you to come along! The great thing about Pilates is that you can modify an exercise to make it easier or harder. This means that everyone can work at their own level.

+ How do I purchase the $79 intro offer?

At Duo Pilates, we use the Mindbody app for all class payments/bookings. To purchase the intro offer and book in for classes, you will need to follow these steps: Download the Mindbody app Create an account (if you don’t already have one) Search for ‘Duo Pilates’ in Morningside Purchase the intro offer which you will find under the ‘pricing’ tab. Start booking in for classes using the app!

+ I have never tried Pilates before. Can I sign up to the intro offer?

Definitely! At Duo, we encourage people who are new to Pilates to come in and give it a go! Our class sizes are small so we have the luxury of keeping an eye on everyone in the class to ensure they are performing the exercises correctly.

+ Can I attend classes if I am pregnant?

Pilates is a great choice of exercise during pregnancy because it is low intensity and low impact. All of our instructors are pre & post natal trained and we allow pregnant women to attend all of the group classes. We simply modify certain exercises to suit you better!

It is however, important to consider a number of factors e.g whether or not you have done pilates before, how much you were exercising prior to your pregnancy and if you are experiencing any complications.

Before signing up to the intro offer, get in contact to have a chat so we can advise you on whether it is safe for you to attend group classes.

+ How many people are in a class?

On average we have 5-10 people in each class. On Saturday morning, we open up the class and hold it in the main gym which means the number of people attending can reach 15. This is a fun class with a lot of great energy!

+ Do you have different types of classes?

A majority of our classes are group mat Pilates. We also offer yoga and a stretch/meditation class.

+ Is it just you or are there other instructors?

I have a great team of instructors working alongside me. Everyone has their own style of teaching which means you get variety!

+ Can I claim Pilates on my health insurance?

Unfortunately you cannot claim Pilates on your insurance. Due to government reform changes, from Jan 1, 2019 onwards pilates will be removed from ‘extras’ cover. We think this is a real shame as we know how much Pilates can help people who are suffering from injuries.

+ Does my month pass begin when I purchase it or when I come in for my first class?

Your pass will start from the day you attend your first class. So if you purchase the intro offer and then book in your first class for the following week, your pass will start on the day that you are booked in to attend your first class.

+ What happens when my intro pass ends?

When your monthly pass ends, you are not locked in to anything! The pass is simply to see if you like it or not. If you decide to continue doing Pilates with us, you will have a few options to choose from!

+ Where is your studio located?

Duo Pilates is located inside a gym called Brisbane Strength & Movement.

The address of the gym is 18/229 junction road, Morningside and it is inside an industrial block. It can be a little tricky to find because we are not on the street!

Once you drive into the industrial block you should see a big black and orange sign that says ‘Brisbane Strength & Movement’. We are next door to inglass and behind ‘Bubs & Grubs’.